11 Coolest Skateparks That Will Amaze You


Skating is one of the most popular of extreme sports. Most people aspire to this sport in childhood. But you should be a little daring for extreme sports. And of course parents’ approval is required. So a few of us are doing skating sports. A skate and also a skatepark is required for this wonderful sport. There are many beautiful places in the world for those who love skating. You should prefer the skateparks because they are safer and enjoyable. Also you can find friends there, who likes to skate. Now a wonderful list comes for the skating lovers. The best, most popular and coolest skateparks in the world in the photo gallery bellow.

1. Joven Skatepark, Spain

Joven skatepark spain

2. Livingston Skatepark, Livi

Livingston skatepark livi

3. Lake Cunningham Regional Skatepark

Lake cunningham regional skatepark

4. Pinball Machine Skatepark, New Zealand

Pinball machine skatepark new zealand

5. House of Vans Old Vic Tunnels, London

House of vans skatepark old vic tunnels

6. Floating Mini Ramp, Finland

Floating mini ramp skatepark finland

7. Dimjalla Skatepark, Australia

Dimjalla skatepark australia

8. Andre Senizergues Residence, US

Andre senizergues residence skatepark

9. Area 51 Skatepark

Area 51 skatepark

10. SMP Skatepark, Shanghai

Smp skatepark

11. Evertro Skatepark, England

Evertro skatepark england

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