Funny Cartoons About Feelings Of Balls


We draw funny cartoons of ball in this gallery. Our weired subject is the feelings of balls. Did you ever think what do the balls feel when we play with them? We kicked them all day long, we hit them with a stick or racket or we sometimes punch them. Their lives may be very difficult indeed. We add a little fun and comedy to this issue and we are trying to portray their feelings. We chose seven ball types that are most widely used in the world. These are the most popular sports and we all know the balls of these sports. We hope you will love these cartoons, it is our first try in this area.

Football Ball

Football ball cartoon

It is very confused and scared. Big guys attacking him.

Billiard Ball

Billiard ball cartoon

It is a mathematical genius. He is working on the trigonometric calculations.

Basketball Ball

Basketball ball cartoon

It feels cynical and cheerful. The only trouble is entering a basket.

Soccer Ball

Soccer ball cartoon

It’s like a fighter pilot. Crafty and quick, very difficult to catch him.

Golf Ball

Golf ball cartoon

It was very scared and tired to working in this job. It now wants to retire.

Table Tennis Ball

Table tennis ball cartoon

It was dazed and confused very much. People often beat him although it is very small.

Bowling Ball

Bowling ball cartoon

It is very angry and ready to fight. Let’s roll the ball. If you like these funny cartoons, don’t forget to share them on social media please.


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