10 Best Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas


For some homeowners, the kitchen is not just a space where they prepare food for the family. It is also an area where they entertain guests or gather the whole family. More than its functionality, they want to ensure that their kitchen is also stylish. And that’s why they look for the best kitchen wall decor ideas.

There are lots of wall decorations for kitchen on the market. And finding the right one can be overwhelming to most homeowners. Below are some of the top wall decor ideas for your kitchen.

Kitchen wall decor ideas


One option for kitchen wall decor is artwork. It shows the homeowner’s personality, and at the same time makes the space more visually interesting. Most homeowners choose artwork that is kitchen-themed, such as images from vintage cookbooks.

Plate Collection

One of the classic kitchen wall design ideas is to display a collection of dishes. Use uniformly colored plates of different shapes and sizes to keep the composition fresh.

Install Shelves

Another option for your kitchen wall is through shelving. Low profile shelves that are decorated with supplies or accents are recommended for small kitchens. Add more color to the area by painting the shelves in bold hues.

Kitchen wall decor

Wall of Photographs

If the kitchen has a big blank wall, then fill it with family photographs. Protect the photos by placing them in glass paned frames. That way they are protected from grease and heat.

Oversized Letters

Homeowners can personalized their kitchens through the use of large format letters that are available in a wide range of colors and fonts. They are made out of thin metal that make them lightweight and at the same time durable. Homeowners choose letters that have meaning to their household, such as their names or initials.


People looking for functional wall decorations for kitchen can opt for a pegboard. It serves both as a storage and display option for pots. A pegboard is easy to install, and homeowners don’t need to hire professionals to do it for them.

Wall decorations for kitchen

Chalkboard Wall

One of the best kitchen wall decor ideas is a chalkboard wall. It can be used to write grocery lists, reminders, and notes to other family members.

Old Menu Boards and Restaurant Signs

People who love vintage kitchen design can opt for old menu boards and restaurant signs. They can be found in flea markets and vintage shops.

Feature Wall

It serves as the focal point of the kitchen. A painted abstract mural is an inexpensive way of decorating the kitchen wall. Or one can opt for a rustic look by using old barn wood for the wall.

Kitchen wall design ideas

Textured Wallpaper

Another kitchen wall decor you can use is textured wallpaper. It makes the wall interesting without having to hang anything on it.

These are the top kitchen wall decor ideas that homeowners can use for inspiration. They add personality and style to one of the most used spaces in the home.


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