How To Make A Small Room Look Bigger: 15 Simple Ways


Making a small room look bigger needs you to trick the eye. With the smaller amount of space, you need plan ahead to create the bigger room illusion. Here are 15 simple ideas for small rooms to make the room look bigger.

Use Lighter Colors on the Floor and Walls

This is one of the main ways to make a small room look bigger. Darker colors absorb the light, which makes the room look smaller. Lighter colors reflect the light and make the room feel airy.

Bigger room illusion

Paint the Ceiling

Colors and patterns on the ceiling will draw the eye up, which will make the room feel bigger.

Hidden Storage and Multipurpose Items to Make Better use of the Space

Even if you have limited amounts of space, you need to use it the maximum efficiency. So, you should consider hiding storage in larger pieces of furniture or adding other items that can be used in multiple ways.

Pull Large Furniture Away from the Walls

Having furniture against the walls can make a room feel cramped. Even a few inches between the walls and the furniture will make the room feel more open.

Pick a Piece of Statement Furniture to Fill the Room

It can be tempting to use smaller pieces in a small room, but using one large piece of furniture will make the room look bigger. This is because there is no clutter, which tricks the brain into thinking the room is larger than it really is.

Ideas for small rooms

Vertical Stripes make the Room look Longer

Vertical stripes on the floor can make the room look longer. You should use the stripes to go along the length of the room to get an optimal effect from the stripes.

Uncovered Your Windows

Lighting is very important in smaller rooms. If you can, you should uncover the windows to allow more natural light in. Blinds and roman shades are great replacements for curtains because they do not crowd the window.

Color Code Shelves to Create Structure

When you are trying to store items in plain view, you should arrange them in a way that looks intentional. So, color coding the shelves makes them look more streamlined.

Glass and Lucite Items

Glass and Lucite have become popular materials for furniture. These pieces are functional and can trick the eye because they are clear.

Add Lights

Instead of using overhead lighting, you should bring the lighting to the different areas of the room. Most times, separate lights pull the eye around the room. So, lamps and candles are great options for lighting a smaller room.

Small room ideas

Use Rugs to Separate the Spaces

This is very useful in studio apartments because having separate spaces in one room makes the whole room feel larger. It also will better define the space.

Use the Same Color in Different Shades

Having too many colors in a room makes the room feel crowded. So, you should pick one or two colors, and use shades of those colors. You do not need to replace everything in the room.  You can use pillows and other accessories to create the same effect.

Exposed legs on Your Furniture

A skirted piece of furniture makes them look boxer and larger than it really is. Instead, you should pick pieces that have exposed legs because you can also use under the furniture to store items.

Mirrors can create the Illusion of Space

One of the best ways of making a room look bigger is to add a mirror across from a window. This will reflect the light around the room.

Small room look bigger

Break the Rules

When you are decorating a room, you do not need to follow the rules. A living room does not need a coffee table or sofa. There are huge amounts of options that you can pick from. So, have fun and use your space the way that you want.

Using a mixture of the ideas for small rooms above can make a tiny room look larger than it really is. Tricking the eye is the key to a bigger room illusion, so you should plan how you want the eye to move around the room.


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