Top 10 Romantic Bedroom Ideas For Married Couples


A romantic bedroom decor can truly go a long way. Creating a romantic and playful ambiance could really lift the spirits up, and it’s definitely something that you might want to take into account. Below you will find 10 romantic bedroom ideas that newly married couples could take advantage of.

Antique Headboard

Going old-school always delivers certain sensation of intimacy. This is something particularly romantic, and it definitely spices up the mood. The old-school vibe makes the feelings stronger, hence catalyzing the romantic mood in the newly married couple.

Romantic bedroom ideas

Curtains are Important

If you want to create a romantic bedroom, then following the right curtain pattern is absolutely paramount. As such, you need to make sure that they provide enough light while closed but also enough privacy as well.

A Shiny Finish

Make sure that your bedroom idea for married couples includes a shiny and distinctive finish. This is something particularly energizing and distinctive. It’s going to add an element of definition which is always going to reflect well on the overall room décor.

Silk Bedding

Now, you need to know that a romantic bedroom is not a cheap one. In fact, you would need to make a certain investment for it, large part of which should go towards the bedding itself. Silk sheets are going to create the ultimate romantic sensation.

Romantic bedroom

Mild yet Sensual Colors

Don’t go for colors which are hard on the eye. Pick something which is light yet sensual and creates a sense of intimacy. This is something which is going to have a significant impact on your romantic bedroom.

Bold Patterns

Be bold with the patterns of the bedroom. Remember that the romantic mood could be attributed to a range of factors and the patterns are certainly amongst them. So, make sure that you implement patterns which are bold and definitive.

Adding a Carpet

There’s nothing more sensual than adding a fluffy carpet in your bedroom. Not only is this going to finish the overall appeal of the room but it’s going to induce a flawless sensation beneath your feet – something very important.

Couples bedroom decor

Being Risky with the Drapes

Go for some boldly patterned drapes. This is the element which is going to finish the romantic bedroom. It should be in the main tone of the entire room.

Adding a Wallpaper

Wallpapers are a great way to enhance the overall romantic appeal which is brought to you by the room. Make sure that it’s themed and that it brings in a lot of sensuality.

Make it Comfy

That’s just it, the romantic mood shouldn’t be your only priority. Your bedroom also needs to be comfortable.

Bedroom ideas for married couples

In any case, these are a few different romantic bedroom ideas for married couples. Of course, the finished design is going to be based on your own personal preference and understanding of romance as this is something rather subjective.


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