Smoothie Is One Of The World’s Most Popular Cat


Smoothie may be the most beautiful cat you have ever seen. It is fluffy, cute and friendly. These are everything that a cat owner will want. At the same time, Smoothie is one of the most famous and popular cat in the internet world. She has more than 130 thousand followers in her instagram profile. A cat which is more famous than us and you or most people. Her each photo takes thousands of like by followers. Because she is a very photogenic kitty. She’s looking at the camera with big beautiful eyes. We share little info about Smoothie. She is a British Longhair and she is two years old. You can visit and follow her instagram page.

British longhair cat

Beautiful cat smoothie

The most famous cat smoothie

Smoothie cat picture

Smoothie cat loves boxes

Photogenic cat smoothie

Fluffy cat smoothie

Trendy cat smoothie

The most popular cat smoothie

Sweet cat photo by smoothie

Soft cat smoothie

Cute cat smoothie

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