How To Travel Cheap In Europe? 7 Simple Ways


Europe travel can be very exciting, but it can also be expensive. There are cheap ways to travel in Europe, so you can cut down on costs. Here are some ways to travel cheap in Europe.

1. Use Frequent Flyer and Other Point Cards to Keep the Costs Down

There are a lot of point cards out there that you can use to pay for flights and other items that you need for your trip. Many credit cards will give you extra points when you use them. So, you should pick the ones that you are most likely going to use and collect the points as you travel. You may be surprised that in a short time that you have a free flight or free night at a hotel.

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2. If You Can, You Should Avoid Europe Travel in the Summer

One of the best ways to save money on a trip to Europe is to not travel during the summer. The price of flights and hotels are at their highest and most places are fully booked. If you travel during the off-season, you can save up to 40 percent on your hotel and flight.

3. Buy the All Inclusive Passes

In most popular tourist cities, there is an all-inclusive pass that you can buy. This will allow you entry into many of the attractions and give you discounts around the city. Some of these cards will allow you free use of the public transportation, which saves you, even more, money. The initial price can seem high, but if you break the cost down, it is well worth it.

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4. Think Like the Locals

The locals know their city the best, so they can tell you how to avoid the tourist traps. You should find out where the best pubs are or head to local sport matches. Thinking like a local does take practice, so hop on the public transport and explore the city that way.

5. Travel during the Night on the Train

One of the best cheap ways to travel in Europe is by taking the train. Unlike trains in other areas of the world, you can visit most countries in Europe using the train and in a shorter amount of time. The night train is cheaper, and you can sleep for most of the ride.

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6. Stay Away from ATMs

Unless you have a bank account for that country, you should not be using ATMs to withdraw money. You will most likely be charged a high fee. You also may not get the most from the exchange rate because most machines are only updated once every few days. So, you should try to wait until the bank opens or until you find a bank. This way you will get a better exchange rate for your money.

7. Stay at the Local Hostel

Hostels are like hotels, but they have shared rooms and living spaces. Most times, hostels are cheap and are good for backpackers. You can buy a membership that will lower the price even more.  Since International Youth Hostels share one membership, you can save money during your whole trip.

Cheap ways to travel in europe

Planning a trip to Europe does not need to be expensive. There are many more cheap Europe travel ideas that you can use to keep your costs down.


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